Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Just a quick update to announce that Horses for Courses has made it into the Premium Catalogue and wil be distributing to retailers soon.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


What have I been up to since last time I wrote. Well here goes.

Three of my books are now in the Premium Catalogue. Selling steadily with the 5% free samples going healthily up to.

The 3rd DS Steven Potter novel was published a few days ago on and is waiting to be assessed for inclusion in the catalogue.

I've not long returned from a visit to the home of my ldes childhood friend, which I'm honest was a good break. Got to concentrate on spending time with my 2 year old godson, rather than my sales figures.

Went to the cinema with a friend this afternoon to watch the Sweeney starring Ray Winstone. A good film if you like mindless violence. It was good to escape from reality for a while, as well as giving me ideas for future DS Potter novels.

I now want to take it in a new direction so watch this space. Ambitious maybe, but one of these days I might be watching an adaptation of one of my own novels in a cinema.

I will however be insisting on a good quality film. I mean adaptations of films based on Darren Shan novels and Anthony Horowitz works haven't been so hot have they?

We can all have dreams can't we?